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Robert Tsigler is one of the top rated criminal attorneys in NYC. As a result, we're able to understand immigration implications when handling criminal issues.

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We've handled virtually every type of immigration scenario, ranging from VISA paperwork, to complex deportation cases.

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We work hard for our clients, and give them the best possible service. Regardless of how easy, or difficult, your case is - we will provide the level best in customer service.

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NYC Immigration Lawyers

Available, Aggressive, Experienced. Let Us Fight for You.

T he law offices of Robert Tsigler, is a premier NYC immigration law firm based out of NYC. We recognize that navigating the USA immigration process can be confusing and frustrating. We understand the complexities of immigration law, and can help clients navigate the confusing process. Our goal is to understand your immigration goals, and then present viable options to accomplish them. With numerous methods of immigrating and naturalizing into the USA – we can help you understand which option will be the least stressful for you. We help simplify the entire immigration process with no-nonsense, clear, communication. We help you understand, and complete, all of the necessary steps in an affordable manner. We empathize with our clients – many of whom have families, and their very future, at stake, when reaching out to our NYC immigration lawyers. We offer a consultation 24/7 to all prospective clients. We are very aggressive, and unrelenting, in helping our clients achieve the goals they have.

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At Tsigler Law, our goal is to help you and your family members attain the American dream. Our team of attorneys will advise you on the best way possible to achieve your goals, and solve your immigration issues. We believe in concierge customer service. We are a full service NYC immigration law firm, and handle a wide array of services which help solve immigration problems – and achieve goals. We represent clients throughout New York. Our team of nyc immigration attorneys speak many of the most frequently spoken languages. We can handle all of your needs. Regardless of whether you’re seeking to join a US company, or simply want to visit the USA for pleasure. We can help you enter the USA and fight the right solution. With many years of combined experiencing law, we can help you.

NYC Immigration Lawyers

At Tsigler Law, we assist clients who are interested in entering, and staying, in the USA legally. Immigrating to the USA is a highly sought after privilege. We can help you take achieve this, through legal means. We help people from all over the world enter the USA, and remain in the USA. Our NYC immigration law firm represents individuals, families, companies, and religious institutions, as they enter and proceed to remain in the USA in a legal manner.

We have offices across NYC and Long Island. Regardless of the type of immigration issue you are facing, we can help. You can visit us, at any of our locations, in order to get more legal help. Our firm focuses on helping our clients get the best representation and service. If you’re in need of help and assistance, we encourage you to visit our office, or call us. We offer consultations 24/7, and tell you upfront what we think we can do for you. Our fees are very straightforward and our goal is to expedite your case as quickly as possible, in order to charge as little money as possible. We assign a dedicated immigration attorney to each and every case.

We treat each and very client like family. Our NYC immigration lawyers are focused on handling all cases, like if it were our own family members. We help our clients whenever, and wherever, they need help. We also offer a flexible payment plan, and are extremely friendly. Our team of experienced NYC immigration lawyers can help with all of your needs, including transportation and travel, document collection, translation + interpretation, notary public – and even help in foreign countries. Our NYC immigration attorneys are dedicated to being transparent. We share our knowledge about the immigration process with our clients in order to give them the understanding they need to make the right choices for them, and their family.

What is the investor VISA?

Our immigrations attorneys offer consultations 24/7, in person or over the phone. During this consultation you can ask us virtually anything about your case. During this process, we explain what are your rights, and what are your options. We offer consultations, wherever – whenever – you need it. We believe during this consultation you’ll realize why you should work with us. We have convenient locations all over New York – and can meet you, or speak to you, whenever you need it. We can even arrange transportation to our office.

Our team of NYC immigration attorneys has experience handling tough, and complex, cases. Our firm has many years of combined experience, and have handled some of the most complex immigration cases in the country. Because our firm was founded by former prosecutors – we bring a unique level of expertise and aggressiveness – to each and every case we handle.

Our New York immigration lawyers always answer the phone, or return a phone call ASAP. Our lawyers are fast, and easy to approach. You can reach us by text, or email. We treat you like family – and prepare you for every step of the process. We explain each step, and explain the USA immigration process. We provide regular updates on your case, and provide guidance on the issue.

If you’re interested in learning more, or scheduling a consultation, then contact us today. Fill out the contact form on our website, or call us. Our immigration attorneys in NYC are frequently interviewed by media organizations like CNN, FOX News, NYPost, and many others. We provide remarkable customer service, and have great results for each and every client.

Our immigration law firm works with fewer clients than other firms. Our goal is to provide greater, and better service, in order to provide the best results possible. Many firms who take on too many clients often don’t have enough time to do a great job for their clients. By working with fewer clients, we can ensure each client gets amazing results. That means you speak to an assigned immigration attorney 24/7 whenever you need one. Unlike other immigration law firms, we don’t assign paralegals or assistants to do the majority of your work. Our dedicated immigration attorneys work 24/7 on your case and help you. When you hire us, you’re working with a trained attorney who can handle everything for you. We recognize that the immigration lawyer you hire, can have a huge impact on your life.

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Robert Tsigler, Esq.

Robert Tsigler is a lifelong resident of New York who is dedicated to client satisfaction. Mr. Tsigler represents clients in courtrooms throughout New York, New Jersey, and the United States. He skillfully handles administrative, civil, and criminal proceedings. While interning at the Kings County District Attorneys Office, Robert assisted in the prosecution of hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases.

Our NYC Criminal Law Office Speaks the Following Languages:

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He is a great lawyer, life saver, always available, down to earth and very respectful. Thanks a million for what you did for my family. We will always remember you and I continue to pray for your blessings to help others.

~ Sophia

My boyfriend visited the state of NYC for the first time & was falsely accused of burglary. He was striped of his rights & was being framed by the NYPD. He went ahead and hired Mr. Tsigler within

~ Anonymous

The Law Offices of Robert Tsigler is determined to get the job done. They delivered amazing results in my criminal case. I am happy to have my life back and cannot thank them enough.

~ Anonymous

Unfortunately, I have had the need for a few attorneys in my life. Robert is the best attorney I have hired. He knows exactly what he is talking about and knows how to execute properly. I would definitely hire him again.

~ Steve

Rob is a truly great criminal defense attorney whom I would recommend for his expertise, contacts, and communication-style.

~ Anonymous

I hired Robert to defend me in a case where the cops arrested me for something I didn’t do. I was really worried and angry that I was arrested for something that wasn’t my fault. Robert told me to relax and that he would handle everything. He kept his word and got all the charges dropped!

~ Anonymous Joe

He is very knowledgable and reassuring, providing a person with a sense of confidence and “peace of mind”. Thank you very much for your help Mr. Tsigler!

~ Ahmet

I retained Robert Tsigler to help me with a criminal case. He exceeded all my expectations and was able to get a great resolution for me. He always made sure that i understood everything that was going on and his fee was reasonable. He was highly respected by the district attorney.

~ David

Robert was very effective in resolving an immigration matter for my family. The previous attorney we were dealing with gave us the run

~ Yury

The law offices of Robert Tsigler really helped put my mind at ease. They were very responsive to my calls and fought hard for a great outcome to my case.

~ Anonymous

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