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benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer

If you have been injured, hiring a personal injury lawyer would benefit you, and the list below details just a few of the reasons why.

The Free Consultation

The main benefit of hiring a personal injury attorney may be the fact that the initial consultation is free. Since you don’t have to pay for a consultation, you can afford to meet with more than one attorney if you don’t like the first person you encounter. During the consultation, you will learn the chances of winning your case, and you will learn something about the lawyer’s style. For example, if the lawyer appears to be uninterested in your case during the consultation, he or she will, most likely, remain uninterested throughout the process. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions that you like.

Experiencing Less Stress

Hiring a personal injury attorney will mean that the stress you are currently under will be immediately relieved. That is because your attorney will begin to talk to the insurance companies for you.

Missing the Statute of Limitations

There are different statutes of limitations that you have to be concerned about because if you fail to file your claim in a timely manner, you will lose the ability to hold the person responsible for your accident accountable in the courts. This is what often happens when people do not hire an attorney after they have been injured. You are not aware of when each statute of limitations ends, but your personal injury attorney will be aware of these important dates and will file all of the necessary paperwork before you lose the ability to file.

Knowing the Insurance Laws

As a lay person, you are not familiar with all of the insurance laws of your state, but a personal injury attorney does have this knowledge. If insurance coverage is a large part of your case, you must have a personal injury attorney in the beginning.

Knowing How Much Money to Request

A lay person also doesn’t have the experience necessary to request the correct amount of compensation for a claim. As time moves forward, the facts of your case will change, and you may need to ask for more money at a later date than you asked for in the beginning. For example, you may experience significant wage losses, but you will need an attorney who will gather the proof of your wage losses, doctors’ notes, proof of back wages and a letter from your employer that explains how much you are paid. Only an attorney can gather this type of evidence for you.

Court Representation

Court proceedings often make lay people very nervous. Those who come to court unaccompanied by a lawyer have a difficult time navigating through the court’s rules and procedures, and this is the reason that most of these cases are dismissed. That is just one reason that you need an attorney to make sure that all of the rules are followed.

Knowing When to Settle

Not all personal injury claims go to court, but it can be difficult for a lay person to know when a court case is the best plan to follow and when it is better to settle out of court. A lay person isn’t aware of all of the factors that need to be considered when making this decision. A personal injury attorney has experience in this area and can help you make the most advantageous decision for your case.

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