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A G-4 visa is a special diplomatic visa that helps you when you work for an international organization or are the family member of an employee. These visas are awarded only to verified employees and their family members, but you need representation that will assist with the application process. Applying for a visa can be quite complicated, but an attorney will advocate for you as the visa is awarded, renewed or changed. This article explains how the visa application process can be expedited, and you can receive your visa in a timely manner. Your visa keeps you in America, and you will be asked to leave the country without a valid visa.

#1: What Does The Application Entail?

The visa application process involves several different forms that include your personal information, information about your employer and information about your family. The initial I-601 form includes all the personal information that is used for the visa, and you must include a form for everyone in your family. There are other forms that will include information provided for your employer, and a representative of your employer must complete the application form on your behalf.

Information about every member of your family must be included with your application, and you need supporting documentation for the application. Your attorney will help you complete all paperwork for your G-4 visa so that you do not leave anything out. Your attorney understands which forms are required, and the staff at the law office will check over the application before it is submitted. You will avoid the trouble of resubmitting your application after leaving out a few important documents.

#2: What Supporting Documentation Is Required?

Supporting documentation can come in many forms. You will need birth certificates from your home country proving your citizenship, and your identity will be verified using the certificate. There must be a birth certificate for everyone in your family, and the certificates must be sealed by the government of your home country. The federal government will not accept any copies, and your attorney will help you find the documents you need.

Supporting documentation is supplied by your employer in the form of written statements verifying your employment. You must have a sponsor who will help you complete your application, and you must maintain your employment with your sponsor. Renewals of your visa must be done with the same documentation, and your visa will be invalidated if you are no longer employed. Your attorney may help you change the status of your visa at any time, and the documentation requirements will change.

#3: How Long Does The Application Process Take?

Your visa application cannot be expedited when you submit yourself. You have no knowledge of the system, and you must have a lawyer submit the paperwork on your behalf. An attorney can estimate how long your approval will take, and a good attorney can communicate your need for an expedited approval tot he proper authorities. Someone who has worked in the field for quite some time knows people in high places, and your application will get the attention it deserves. The INS cannot afford to take phone calls from attorneys all day, and your attorney’s involvement will help speed up the process.

#4: How Do You Add Members Of Your Family?

You may get married or have children while you are working for your employer, but you are living in the United States under your G-4 visa. The G-4 visa must be updated to reflect the addition of your children or spouse. An attorney will help you submit paperwork to add other members of your family to the visa, and you may remove members of your family who go back to your home country.

Keeping your visa up-to-date is a very important part of the process, and you must work with your attorney on updates to your visa. Failure to update your visa could result in the revocation of the document, and your attorney will keep track of the deadlines for your visa. You need your visa when you travel around America, and you need the visa when you leave the offices of your employer.

#5: What Does The G-4 Visa Do For You?

Your G-4 visa offers you diplomatic immunity when you are working for a foreign government, and the visa is used as identification when you are moving about. The identification offered in your home country is not sufficient when you are in America, and your visa must be attached to your passport. All law enforcement officials in America will recognize your visa as valid ID, and you must have a current version of your visa. You can be detained for traveling without a proper visa, and your attorney will help you update the information for your visa when you need it done.

Your G-4 visa is the only document keeping you in America, and you must keep your visa updated at all times. An attorney will help you keep your visa in good standing, and your attorney will help you complete the necessary paperwork for your visa. You should attempt to complete your visa application alone, and you must use your attorney as a resource when you must make changes to your G-4 visa. Working in the United State for a foreign entity is not possible unless you are in possession of a sponsored G-4 visa your attorney helped you obtain.

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