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N-9 Visa Lawyers

Special Legal Assistance For An N-9 Visa

The N-9 visa is a complicated visa that is only used for children of immigrants under other visas. Parents who arrive in America under a visiting visa may marry a US citizen, and the green card that is offered appears as an SN-3 visa. Children who are covered under the N-9 visa cannot represent themselves, and a lawyer is needed to help children get the visa they need to stay in this country. This article explains how parents will come to receive an N-9 visa for their children, and a lawyer will represent the family during the immigration proceedings for parents and children.

#1: How Does This Visa Come About?

The N-9 visa is required for all children of special immigrants who have received the N-8 or SN-3 visa. Parents who marry US citizens will receive green cards, but the green card only applies to the parent. The children of a special immigrant with a green card or SN-3 visa must have an N-9 visa to stay in the country. Filing the paperwork for these visas is difficult, and asking a lawyer for help is the easiest way to keep everyone in the country.

#2: Which Visa Comes First?

Every child of a special immigrant parents with an SN-3 visa must wait for their parent to receive the N-8 visa after their marriage. The green card is converted into an N-8 visa that may be used to give the children an N-9 visa. A lawyer who works in the immigration field every day may complete the paperwork for the proper visa, and you must take the lawyer’s advice when filing paperwork.

You cannot afford to submit paperwork for your visas in the wrong order, and your lawyer will help you with the proper order for each filing. Your marriage must be documented with the federal government first, and your visa must be issued before your child’s visa can be converted to the N-9. Ask your lawyer about how to complete the process, and ensure that the lawyer understands the legal status of you and your children before beginning.

#3: How Are Your Children Documented?

Your children are likely documented under your original visa, and your children must be noted on your application. Your lawyer knows how to check the status of your children, and you may begin the process in earnest. There are several ways to document your children once you get married, and your lawyer will help you learn which visa to apply for next.

#4: How Long Does The N-9 Visa Last?

Your N-9 visa may be renewed as many times as you like when you are married to your spouse, but your children must apply for their own visas when they turn 18. You must renew your visa on the timetable offered by the government, and your lawyer will keep track of the renewal dates for your visas. You and your spouse must keep up with your marriage documents, and you must hold onto any supporting documentation that is used for your visa application.

#5: Which Supporting Documents Must You Provide?

Supporting documents for your visa include your birth certificate from your home country, and the birth certificates for your children must be included in the N-9 application. The government will not accept copies, but your lawyer can find the birth certificate for you to submit your application. Hold on to your copy of the birth certificate for future applications, and ensure that you have a copy of your childrens’ birth certificates.

You cannot submit an application with your marriage license, and you may be asked to submit the application for your marriage license. There are several ways to support your application, and your lawyer will ask you to provide all the documentation for every renewal. Your family depends on the documentation you provide with your visa applications, and storing your supporting documents helps simplify the process in the future.

#6: What Does Your Lawyer Charge For?

Your lawyer charges for time spent on the phone, time spent filling out applications and all filing fees through the immigration system. You will pay your lawyer when your visa is returned to you, and you must ask your lawyer about the fee schedule for their office. Planning to pay your legal fees is a part of the visa application process, and your lawyer may work out a payment plan with your family.

Applying for an N-9 visa for your children is required once you receive your green card, and your application must be completed by a lawyer who works in the immigration industry every day. Your children need a valid visa to stay in the country, and you must have a valid visa to support your child’s status in America. You cannot complete a visa application for your children unless you have completed your own visa application first. Keep all the supporting documentation you need for your application, and work with your lawyer to ensure that all your applications are submitted properly. A lawyer helps you complete paperwork properly the first time, and the law office ensures that your submissions are handled in a timely manner.

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