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NYC Deportation Lawyers

When you came to the United States, you might have had big dreams in mind about living a great life here. Now that you might be facing immigration issues, however, you could feel as if you dream has turned into a nightmare. It’s easy to feel as if you are all alone when you’re in this situation, and you might be very nervous and afraid about what is going to happen.

Hundreds of thousands of people get deported in the United States each year, so you certainly are not alone. If you would like to help increase your chances of being able to stay in the United States, taking your case seriously and working with an experienced NYC deportation lawyer can help. That is what we are here for.

Every Case is Different

First of all, you should know that every immigration case is different. Therefore, even if you have been hearing things from others who might have gone through similar ordeals or even if you have been doing your research online, you should know that the cases that you are hearing and reading about might be very different from yours. This is very important to understand so that you don’t go to court thinking that one thing is going to happen only to find that things work out very differently.

For example, your history since you have been in the United States can have an impact on your immigration case. If you were living here legally in the beginning because of a visa, if you haven’t been in any trouble and if you have been a good, contributing member of society in your time in the United States, these things can help your case. If you have a spouse or children in the United States, these things can help your case as well.

Alternatively, if you have been in legal trouble since you have been in America or if you have been deported in the past, these things can negatively impact your case.

Because of the many different variables that can be involved with a deportation case, it’s important to take any information or advice that you get from a non-professional with a grain of salt. To ensure that you are getting the best and most relevant advice for your situation, it’s a good idea to talk to an NYC deportation lawyer who has experience in helping individuals in situations that are much like yours.

Additionally, it is important to be honest with your lawyer at your meeting. Even though it might not seem like a big deal to leave out certain details, or even though you might be embarrassed about certain things like having a criminal record, your lawyer cannot help you if you don’t provide accurate information. If you are honest with your lawyer and if you provide all of the details that you can, this can help your attorney provide you with the best possible legal advice and representation.

We Want to Help You Stay in the United States

We know that your main goal is probably to stay in the United States rather than being deported back to your home country. We will do everything that we can to help you achieve this goal so that you do not have to leave behind the life that you might have built while in the United States. However, in some cases, this is not possible. If this is the case, then we might recommend a voluntary departure, which means that you will be expected to leave the United States within a certain timeframe. Even though this might not seem ideal, leaving on your own rather than being ordered to do so can help you increase your chances of possibly being able to re-enter and live in the United States in the future.

We Will Explain Everything To You

We know that you might be really confused about what is going on and what to expect. Deportation situations can be bad, but they can be even worse if you don’t know what is going on. Because of this, we will help you ensure that you understand everything that is going on with your case and will help prepare you so that you know what to expect. We even use translators to help us with this in the event that there is a language barrier.

If you are in New York City and are facing deportation or other immigration issues, you do not have to face this situation on your own. In fact, you probably shouldn’t. Contact us so that we can discuss your case and help you through it.

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