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P-1 Visa Lawyers

Visas are issued to people for a host of different reasons. Some come into fruition because of great tragedy in a person’s life, but others manifest because of great success. People who have experienced a high level of success may find themselves entitled to a P-1 visa and the benefits with which it comes.

What a P-1 Visa Is
Essentially, this type of visa has been created for individuals who have reached an international level of success. It is crafted for artists, entertainers and athletes. However, a certain level of recognition needs to be met. Some people certainly want to pursue one of these fields and can have a successful future working in them, but that doesn’t mean they have reached the level of international acclaim necessary to receive this type of visa. Therefore, people who are at the top in these fields are generally the ones who obtain the visas.

Why Hire a Lawyer
Just because a person is proficient in the field of art, entertainment or sports does not mean that the same individual is able to tackle the challenges of applying for a visa. As this individual is a professional in his or her field, leaving the legal work to the lawyers is the smart idea. When you decide to hire a lawyer to help you with this issue, you can learn about the documents that you need to submit and better understand the process you are experiencing. Working with an immigration attorney has other benefits to offer as well.

Whether or Not You Qualify
One of the biggest problems that faces people when they want to know if they can get a visa is whether or not they qualify for the program. Yes, you know that you need to fall into one of the three categories, but you are also likely to find that other stipulations apply. Before you begin the process, it is smart to know whether you even have the opportunity to qualify. Otherwise, you could be wasting your time that would be better spent pursuing other opportunities to stay in the United States.

Proving Your Level of Acclaim
When you are at the top of the world in your field, you might think that everyone on the planet has heard of you, but that isn’t always the case. No matter what field you are in, a good chance exists that a decent amount of people have never heard your name before. Therefore, you cannot just expect your reputation to precede you. By working with lawyers, you can put together the necessary documentation and evidence to show the court that you have certainly achieved the level of international acclaim necessary to qualify for this visa.

Understanding Your Time Limits
The point of a visa is to help you get to stay in the United States for a longer period of time, but that does not mean indefinitely. Visas come with an expiration date on them, and you need to be aware of the fact before you begin to apply. For example, maybe you want to make sure you are still in the United States at a particular point for a certain project that you are planning to work on. However, the visa may not cover you for that long. Therefore, you would know early on that you may need to pursue a different path.

Knowing If You’ll be There for Your Team or Group
Another reason that you need to take a look into the future is because you may be a part of a team or a group that needs you in order to function as a whole. However, when you are in danger of not receiving a visa or you are not applying to a plan that provides you with enough time to completely fulfill that role, you need to decide what you are going to do so that you don’t leave your group in a bad position.

Whether to Accept Offers
You may also need a visa because you have recently received an offer to play for a certain team or to participate in a specific group. However, when you don’t know if you are going to get to protract your stay in this country, it is difficult for you to know whether or not you should accept the offer. The answer is going to depend upon an array of factors, and that is why you need to speak with an immigration lawyer to find out exactly what you should do in these situations.

Providing for Your Family
Even though you are likely making a decent amount of money in your position, you know that’s not all it takes to raise a family and to provide your loved ones with care and consideration. As a result, you want to find out if your family is able to get visas too so that they can live in the United States alongside you. That answer is going to depend upon who exactly in your family you are talking about, and you can work with an attorney to learn about which of your family members may qualify for a visa.

When you have already achieved a great level of success, you may think that virtually anything is easy for you to do by yourself. Still though, when it comes down to the process of applying for a visa, working with a lawyer trained in the field is best.

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